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COVID-19 Update

At Belmont Veterinary Services, we are committed to the health of our clients and companion patients. As such, we are closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 crisis.
At this time, we are committed to remain open to continue to serve the pet population of Belmont and surrounding areas. On top of our current comprehensive cleaning and safety protocols, we have increased our efforts around the hospital to keep exposure to COVID-19 to a minimum.

What are we doing?

We use a known viricidal (virus killing) spray frequently on exposed surfaces – especially focusing in on the waiting room, the exam room, the surgical and treatment area, and other high-traffic areas of the hospital

Our staff is highly educated in infections, infection control, and disease process for our veterinary patients, the majority of this knowledge which applies in this human-based crisis

We are committed to continuing to see patients for all of accidents, emergencies, ailments and illnesses, and will continue to see wellness vaccine and preventive appointments, especially with tick season nearly upon us. We will make changes to this as the situation evolves, if necessary.

What is the risk to our animals?

According to WHO, the risk of transmission from humans to cats and dogs is likely incredibly low (there has only been one case of a dog who tested ‘weak positive’ in Hong Kong) and the chance of them transmitting COVID-19 to us is exceedingly low, based on current information.

Despite this, they still recommend frequent hand washing around pets and discourage letting your dog and cat lick your face, until more is known.

What can our clients do?
In order to keep us from having an exposure in hospital, we ask the following:

If you are in self-isolation, we ask you not to bring yourself or pet in hospital. If it is life threatening pet emergency, we will direct you to one of the emergency hospitals who will have specific protocols for you to follow.

If you have traveled to an at risk area, have come into possible contact with a COVID-19 positive person, or have any sign of respiratory disease we ask you to delay any routine care or elective surgeries for your pet

If your pet is sick and needs an appointment: We may ask you to drop off your pet for an exam and admit from your car and have a doctor or staff member take history over the phone.

We encourage you to use our provided antiseptic hand washing solutions around the hospital, even if you feel completely healthy.

We would ask that you limit the amount of people coming into the clinic to one (1). Our staff is happy to help you if you need extra assistance coming or leaving the practice

 We will continue to communicate with you on any changes to our COVID-19 plan by social media.

From all of us at Belmont Veterinary Services we wish you safety and health in these uncertain times.


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